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Sometimes Consulting is a Better Fit.

Not long after I created my signature course, a friend called me up. She was interested in The Workflow of VO, but she had something else in mind as to how to learn the material. She and I were both aspiring on-camera actors in Los Angeles. We had taken classes together over the years and she was always super solid with her talent and choices. She had also just wrapped up her voiceover training with some of best coaching out there. She was ready to make money with her voice over talents while she continued pursuing on-camera work. I said “Great! You could not be in a more perfect place to take my course!” Then I gave her a link where she could sign up and get going. She responded with “No. I want YOU to walk me through it. I want to watch the course, sure. But then I want to meet with you to execute it all. Together.” Wait What Selena Gomez GIF from Waitwhat GIFs Very long pause 🤨 Here I had spent all this time filming and editing this course so people could have the information and learn it on their own time. Now she wants me to walk her through it?!! She added a very important follow up. “I’ll pay you.” For a minute there, my ego still wanted to say no. I worked so hard on making that course to be exactly the way I would want to learn the info if I were in that position. I quickly realized that it’s not about how I want people to learn the information I have to offer. It’s about how they want to learn it. Some people know that when they buy digital courses they don’t tend to watch them. Their intentions were great when they bought the course but, with nothing scheduled, life gets in the way. With no one to make them accountable for taking the course, there’s a good chance they won’t. It’s like with exercise. Some people go to the gym every day like clockwork, all by themselves. Some people need group classes or a workout partner to be accountable. But some people it’s best for them to have the rigid structure of personal training sessions to ensure their results. Neither of those three types of people are wrong or any less than the others. Life comes in phases, cycles, and seasons. So you just have to assess which phase you are at in life and decide what type of learning matches up with that. Jane The Virgin Petra Solano GIF from Janethevirgin GIFs If you have an income right now, that makes you feel secure, but it also takes enough of your time where you might not follow through with an online course. If you’re so serious about what you want to learn, you want to work directly with the coach one on one, and leave 100% set up for success. If you want to meet, in real time, with your coach and receive customized information that applies to you and your situation. If you would rather compound the learning into and intense one-on-one, full day….and don’t want to spread the learning out over weeks, months, or years. Then consulting might be the best choice for you in order to get the best results for you. In the world of voice over business coaching, I can help with that👍🏼💯 If I put myself in the situation of a person who is interested in my courses, I think there were times in my life that I would have taken the online courses, and times in my life where consulting would have been a better fit. Wanna know where the F all the voice over jobs are out there, right now, in this world? Where to Find Voice Over, or WTF VO!! is the perfect mini-course for that. Interested in exactly how to set up your workflow in your VO biz? From setting up your home studio to collecting money? My signature course, The Workflow of VO would be great for you! Wanna launch a marketing campaign about your bad-ass-self that targets people who can hire you? And then, the next time you are in their stack of mp3 auditions they go, ‘oh ya them!!!’ because they know all about you. Then grab The Campaign Creator asapper.

-OR- You could spend a day with me .

We assess where you’re at and either set up a workflow or level up the one you have so it aligns with your goals. I design a custom campaign for you. Written out and designed and planned. For my friend, we met online after she watched the course. And we implemented and executed! We got the right software on her computer. When screen sharing wasn’t enough I logged onto her screen with teamviewer and helped her get the settings just right. I gave her plug-ins and showed her how to use them. I helped her get out there and tap into all the places to look for work. To this day, she supports herself and her on-camera career with the voice over work she does out of her own home on her own time. Ask yourself: how and in what areas could your voice over career be better? Click here to book consultation services with me. Come to my free live event on FB to launch my awesome products and services for VO talents!! Learn 4 things you can do to level up your voice over career, no matter where you’re at. It’s going to be live, full of juicy free info, and lit 🔥 Sign up to join me here