VO Branding Gives Peace of Mind

I am a voice over talent first.  

So I am currently working on the steps I preach to level up my own career from where it’s at.

Last year, I focused on building a refined workflow for client-based voice over work.  It’s a machine as beautiful and efficient as a Tesla if you ask me!

Basically I built a Trello board for the workflow and hired a project manager to input tasks, an editor to cut and deliver my files, and a bookkeeper to tally work and invoice.  

Now that I have built and tested this workflow, I have dramatically increased my hourly income (no longer spending my time doing admin or editing) and I can handle way more work!

Also, with this workflow, I can just step into my booth, record a session, and save the file.  Boom!  My editor gets a notification and takes it from there.

I step out of the booth having completed a job doing the one thing the was my dream in the first place: voice over.

So this year – it’s time to find more clients to run through that machine.

I have decided on creating a campaign for myself targeting e-learning clients.

Guess why this is going to be fun?!

Because my branding is fresh and in line with my current personal story and values.

When that stuff is not in line, I don’t know about you,

but I get major anxiety. 


In order to get voice over work, you have to market.

If your branding isn’t a perfect reflection of who you are, in this moment, it feels…off–wrong to market yourself.

What if you could create or update your branding for your voice over services across your entire online presence in one week?

Get that part done so you can do everything else that will level up your voice over career 1x – 5x from where it’s at right now.

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