Local Work!

In this day and age and in my line of work, it’s common to have stretches where I am working regularly, but none of the jobs are local.  I do the job, turn it in, and then the client uses it in their local market.  So I never get to hear it run and I never meet the client face to face.  It gives me a very unrooted feeling, which at certain times in my life has been awesome.  I can live or explore anywhere in the world and still work to support it.

However, things have changed for me on a personal level.  I’ve moved to Seattle, I’m getting older, and I want that feeling of having my feet planted in the local soil.  I am sort of…’professionally nesting’ if you will.  I want to have some clients where we get to be in the same studio while we record.  It’s more personal and it makes me feel like a part of the community.  Plus, Seattle is getting so expensive with each passing day, it’s easy to ask why I bother living here if I’m not doing any local work.

It’s difficult to break into local VO work in cities around the US.  The rosters are full and people like to work with the people they like to work with.  But, with a little tenacity, I have finally started tapping into the local work:)  Here’s one of the jobs I did recently, recorded at the lovely Clatter & Din, which I walked to on a beautiful summer morning in early August.  Enjoy!