Outside of the Vox, Ep 3 with JMC

Fun Conversations with J.M.C.

J.Michael Collins has been a voice over professional for a long time.  He knows how things go and then he re-writes how things will go now that he’s involved.

For example,

Voice over talents are just about all remote now.  So it’s quite difficult to get face to face time with industry pros that can elevate your career.  However we all know that the face to face time is most effect for us humans and, when we have it, that’s when bonds form and where relationships are built from.  I’d venture a guess that J.Michael is THE leading trailblazer in our industry to do just this.

J. Michael Collins designs events and experiences for voice over talents where he facilitates face-to-face bonding with relevant industry pros

He explains it all beautifully in this episode of Outside of the Vox!  We chat about the evolution of how he came to help with the One Voice conference, to how he and his wife ended up acquiring VO Atlanta, to how he came up with the UH-Mazing idea of his Euro VO Retreats.

Watch the full episode below.  And if you are curious about the SOVAS, he gives us the full low-down on that too…in front of about a bajillion SOVA awards he’s received. 😁🏆

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